Flight Travel Soprano Ukulele, Salamander

Manufacturer Part #:  TUS50

The Flight TUS35 features a body built unapologetically from plastic and a laminate walnut top with an engraved salamander patteron around the sound hole. The sound quality of these ukuleles will blow you away, and they are wonderful instruments for players of any level. Players that start with a TUS35 will never outgrow the ukulele, because it can transition from the role of “first” ukulele to its natural role as a “travel ukulele.” The TUS50 uses laminate walnut for the sound board. Walnut is a fascinating heartwood, preferred by luthiers for both its malleability and beauty. The neck and fingerboard of this ukulele are made from ABS plastic. This is a perfect solution for entry class ukuleles, since it is not prone to any changes in the weather. You will never experience a sharp fret or bent neck on our Travel ukuleles. The neck features a wooden texture, which helps the instrument to feel unlike a plastic ukulele as you play it.

Model: TUS50
Manufacturer: Flight

Flight Travel Soprano Ukulele, Salamander

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Manufacturer Part #:  TUS50
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