Flight DUC380 Acoustic/Electric Concert Ukulele, Amber

Manufacturer Part #:  DUC380CEQAMBER

Colors forged from the beginnings of time. Deep oranges and brown. Timeless shades that betray an age old sound and wisdom that is a beautiful today as it was way back. The concert size brings the best of both worlds into one instrument. The mahogany makes this uke sing like a soprano but the scale length and cutaway means you have the same scope of exploration as a tenor uke. Add into the mix, a pickup, you have a ukulele that you can play on your own or to a crowd. The Flight DUC380 CEQ Concert Ukulele is made from laminate mahogany. Mahogany is a hardwood which has been used to make quality musical instruments for centuries. It is known for its solid and punchy tone, with low overtone quality and good high-end response. It is highly resilient, and with that excellent resistance it is very stable and less likely to warp than many other species of wood.

Manufacturer: Flight

Flight DUC380 Acoustic/Electric Concert Ukulele, Amber

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Manufacturer Part #:  DUC380CEQAMBER
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