Michael Kelly 1953 Model Electric Guitar, Blue Jean Wash

Manufacturer Part #:  MK53SBJMRO

Just the right amount of vintage magic makes the 1953 the choice for those that are seeking a more traditional instrument. The '53s all-Alder body is capped with flame maple and the pickup configuration is vintage traditional. Well at least that is how it appears. Actually we put an MK electronics mod on the 1953 that we call the Quad Mod. As the name implies you get 4 great sonic options instead of the expected 3 options. The 1953 has a 4 way switch and in that fourth switch position we give you both pickups in series. It is like having a nice fat humbucker as those two pickups work together. The 1953 also has some nice and hot single-coil Rockfield's designed especially for this instrument. Traditional has never been more evolved.

Manufacturer: Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly 1953 Model Electric Guitar, Blue Jean Wash

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Manufacturer Part #:  MK53SBJMRO
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