Flight Travel Concert Ukulele, Walnut

Manufacturer Part #:  TUC50

The Flight TUC-50 uses laminate walnut for the sound board. Walnut is stiffer and denser than Mahogany, so its tone is brighter, as bright as Koa. The beautiful grain, paired with our hand-drawn Salamander design, is popular throughout the world. The ukulele also incorporates an ABS body, neck, fretboard and bridge. The result is a ukulele with low action that is easy to clean and maintain. Want a ukulele that is tough, looks awesome, sounds great, plays well, and is ideal for players of any skill level? If so, check out the Flight TUC-50 Concert Travel Ukulele at Cameron's Music!

Model: TUC50
Manufacturer: Flight

Flight Travel Concert Ukulele, Walnut

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Manufacturer Part #:  TUC50
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