Flight Elise Ecklund Concert Ukulele, Sunset TUCEESUNSET

Manufacturer Part #:  TUCEESUNSET

“There’s something truly magical about a sunset. No matter where you are in the world, you can admire the beautiful colors streamed across the sky. The times I have watched a sunset over the mountains, I’ve felt adventurous, free, inspired, and a sense of peace. I wanted to capture this feeling on a ukulele. Pick it up and take it on every adventure with you.” -Elise Ecklund Designed by YouTube Personality Elise Ecklund, the TUC-EE SUNSET offers great looks, sound, playability, durability, and value. Looking for the perfect ukulele to take on your adventures? If so, check out the Flight TUC-EE SUNSET Ukulele at Cameron's!

Manufacturer: Flight

Flight Elise Ecklund Concert Ukulele, Sunset TUCEESUNSET

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Manufacturer Part #:  TUCEESUNSET
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