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stage in recital hall

The Recital Hall at Cameron's Music is a seventy-five seat multi-purpose auditorium with incredible acoustics and style. It is the perfect venue for student recitals, graduation recitals, holiday recitals, music video shoots, audio recording, rehearsals, and more. A full stage with multi-channel PA, microphones, music stands, drum set, piano, and guitar amplifiers are at your disposal. The stage can accommodate everything from soloists to a full brass choir very comfortably. We also have the ability to record audio and video to produce DVDs and CDs of performances or for auditions.

For booking inquiries or other information, please call us at 734-513-7080 or send an e-mail to


The recital hall rents for $150 for a two hour performance during regular business hours and $250 for a two hour performance after regular business hours or on Sundays.


Depending on when your recital is scheduled, we may be able to accommodate a small reception in the lobby outside the recital hall. Please make arrangements well in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Professional audio and video recordings of performances are available from Cameron’s Music. Video recording including a two- camera edit is available for $200 including ten DVDs. Audio recording is available for $100 including ten CDs. No outside professional video or audio recording is allowed. Audition and other non-performance audio and video recordings are quoted individually according to your needs.


Our hall makes an excellent banquet facility. Rate will be figured based on exact need/time/use. Please call or stop by to discuss your needs.