Music Lessons as Cool as your Kids


Is your child too young for music lessons? They aren't too young for Kidzrock!

Kidzrock is a music program that teaches children ages 4-10 how to play an instrument in the setting of a real rock band. Band members rotate on drums, electric guitar, and keyboard as they prepare to sing and play in an end-of-session concert. Each class gets to give themselves a name for their rock band. Children learn how to to read color-coded standard music notation while playing modified instruments for smaller sized hands. The program's songbook is comprised of instrumental rock songs written specifically for the program. Easy-to-play songs allow these rockers immediate access to performing and singing in a rock band. The program creates a unique experience by combining instruments, theory, singing, ensemble performance, and rock 'n' roll fantasy all rolled into one.

All instruments are provided by Cameron's Music and there are no practice expectations outside of the weekly class.

We believe a child's first exposure to playing an instrument sets the tone for the rest of their music education. Kidzrock allows a child to experience the ultimate musical accomplishment within a few weeks: singing and playing and performing in a real rock band. Curiosity and fantasy often motivate children to learn how to play an instrument. A child runs the risk of losing interest as they face the technical challenges and practice requirements of mastering the basics of any instrument. Kidzrock avoids this potential burnout by introducing instruments in a fun and pressure-free environment.

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Kids playing music instruments
Kids playing music instruments
Kids playing music instruments