Flight DUC380 Acoustic/Electric Concert Ukulele, Coral

Manufacturer Part #:  DUC380CEQCOR

The color of mystery and an unexplored world! Where tunes and sounds like newfound species make their way out of the coral of imagination. This instrument will inspire as much as it will enthuse you and all those who hear it. The concert size brings the best of both worlds into one instrument. The mahogany makes this uke sing like a soprano, but the scale length and cutaway means you will have the same scope of fret exploration as a tenor uke. Add into the mix a pickup and you have a ukulele that you can play on your own or to a crowd.

Manufacturer: Flight

Flight DUC380 Acoustic/Electric Concert Ukulele, Coral

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Manufacturer Part #:  DUC380CEQCOR
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