Flight Travel Soprano Ukulele, Amara

Manufacturer Part #:  TUS55AMARA

Flight Travel Ukuleles have proven to be one of the best and most robust ukuleles that you can purchase, and Flight continues to expand the number of choices that are available in the series. The Flight TUS55 Amara Soprano Ukulele features a laminate amara top which will respond to any playing style and add a traditional “look” while doing so. Amara is an ebony full of darkness and exciting grains, and has a deep, mysterious sound with good volume. This uke will help you discover the layers of your talent. It may be your first ukulele, but the enjoyment you will take from the instrument will ensure that it isn’t your last. If it your first ukulele, you’ll never forget it, and you won’t have to–as a travel ukulele, it is rugged enough to last a lifetime.

Manufacturer: Flight

Flight Travel Soprano Ukulele, Amara

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Manufacturer Part #:  TUS55AMARA
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