pTrumpet 2.0 Plastic Trumpet, Blue

Manufacturer Part #:  PTRUMPET2B

The pTrumpet 2.0, an innovative and affordable Bb trumpet designed with students and beginners in mind. Constructed from lightweight yet durable ABS plastic, it's comfortable and easy to hold during long practice sessions. The pTrumpet 2.0 comes with two beginner-friendly mouthpieces, a fabric carrying case, and free access to online video tutorials and play-along tracks to help you get started. The pTrumpet 2.0's ABS plastic build means it won't dent and handles temperature extremes with ease. Its innovative plastic valve system requires no oiling and resists water damage during cleaning or outdoor playing. The pTrumpet 2.0's durability gives students and beginners confidence while learning proper technique and embouchure. The pTrumpet 2.0 is less than half the weight of a standard brass trumpet. Its lightweight, ergonomic grip reduces fatigue and strain, allowing for longer practice sessions. The pTrumpet 2.0's design also aids in developing proper hand position and posture from an early stage. While affordable and durable, the Plastic Trumpet 2.0 does not sacrifice tone or playability. Its .460" bore and one-piece leadpipe produce a rich, resonant sound comparable to traditional brass trumpets. The included 3C and 5C mouthpieces provide a familiar feel for beginners and students transitioning from other instruments. Fully adjustable tuning slides allow for precise intonation, and a traditional water key ensures a quick, dependable response.

Manufacturer: Conn Selmer

pTrumpet 2.0 Plastic Trumpet, Blue

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Manufacturer Part #:  PTRUMPET2B
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